The Band

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Lighting Programmer
The Band
UK National Tour

Lighting Design: Patrick Woodroffe
Associate Lighting Design: Rob Casey


  • Directed By – Kim Gavin and Jack Ryder
  • Design – Jon Bausor
  • Video Design – Luke Halls
  • Sound Design – Terry Jardine and Nick Lidster
  • Producers – David Pugh, Dafydd Rogers and TAKE THAT


  • Rachel Lumberg as Rachel
  • Emily Joyce as Heather
  • Alison Fitzjohn as Claire
  • Jayne McKenna as Zoe
  • Faye Christall, Katy Clayton, Sarah Kate Howarth and Lauren Jacobs will play younger versions of these four characters.

The production will also star winners of the BBC series Let It Shine

  • AJ Bentley
  • Nick Carsberg
  • Yazdan Qafouri Isfahani
  • Curtis T Johns
  • Sario Watanabe-Soloman

Completing the cast will be Rachelle Diedericks as Debbie, Martin Miller as Jeff and Andy Williams, who will play Dave.

The Band

A New Musical by Tim Firth with the Music of  TAKE THAT. With the winners from the BBC’s “LET IT SHINE”

The Band is about five 16 year-old friends in 1992, who idolise their favourite band and follows them as adults trying to fulfil their dream of meeting their pop heroes.

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