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Britten Theatre – London & Clonter Opera Theatre – Cheshire

Creative Team:

  • Director – Michael McCaffery
  • Set & Costume Designer – Elroy Ashmore
  • Lighting and Projection Design – David Totaro
  • Conductor – Clive Timms
  • Assistant Music Director – Robin Humphreys
  • Fight Director – Renny Krupinski


  •  Faust – Paul Curievici
  • Mephistopheles – Javier Borda
  • Marguerite – Anna Gillingham
  • Valentine – Christopher Cull
  • Siebel – Katherine Aitken
  • Martha – Heather Ireson
  • Wagner – Thomas Hopkinson
  • Brander – Dominick Felix


  • Violin 1 – Susannah Simmons
  • Violin 2 – Laura Concar
  • Cello – Douglas Badger
  • Bass – Richard Waldcock
  • Flute – Jennifer George
  • Oboe – Bethan Roberts
  • Clarinet – Sarah Masters
  • Bassoon – Linton Stephens
  • Horn 1 – Matthew Crossley
  • Horn 2 – Samuel Yates
  • Trumpet – Matthew Palmer
  • Timpani/Percussion – Andrea Vogler
  • Organ – Robin Humphreys

Faust – Review

Author: Philip Radcliffe – Manchester Theatre Awards –  17th July 2014 “… the inventive Clonter take on this mighty work, led by Michael McCaffery and conductor Clive Timms, turns out to be bold, breathtaking and, in the end, brilliant. The staging absolutely captures the decadent pleasure-bent atmosphere of 1860’s Paris.

Designer Elroy Ashmore’s set, imaginatively lit by David L Totaro, is a giant semi-circular hall of mirrors with a small Palace of Varieties theatre stage, red plush curtains and all …The theatricality works a treat. The truly climatic last two acts are visually spellbinding. The candle-lit church scene, with fairy lights in all those mirrors, of Act 4, stressing the importance in all this of the Catholic church, is unforgettable.

Both acts are dramatically breathtaking…The singing overall is first-rate. In the central role of Marguerite, soprano Anna Gillingham is altogether captivating and sings gloriously… Mephistopheles, a boo-able figure in black and red, is reminiscent of MC in Cabaret, swaggering, would-be amusing, threatening. Javier Borda, a big man, fills the part splendidly…” 

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